NFL playoffs and predictions, week 3

What a wild weekend. The NFL fans may not have seen a playoff weekend like this in a long time, or actually, ever. This might have been one of the most, if not the most successful playoff weekend in the history of the league. Even though three out of my four past predictions were wrong, all of them were huge surprises. Not only was it not a profitable weekend for my predictions, but it was for sure a profitable weekend for all of those 49ers fans who bet on their team to beat the potential MVP. With two exciting games this upcoming weekend, there is much in the air. Before we get to it, though, let’s revisit some of the matchups of this past weekend

New King in Town

After returning from a severe injury early in the season, King Derrick Henry was ready to resume his monstruous and usual play. Accompanied by Julio Jones, A.J. Brown and the rest of the Titans, they looked to take into what has to be the most exciting young core in the league. Joe Shiesty, alongside his star receivers, seemed to be the underdogs. As a matter of fact, statistically, they were indeed. But what happened? The reality is, two good things cannot happen at once for the Titans. In the very first drive of the game, QB Ryan Tannehill decided to give the underdogs a fair game, having an interception the very first drive. Despite Henry’s imposing play, the QB was making poor decisions, whereas Joe Burrow decided to step up and show the league that he is more than the injured QB from LSU. In what was a great matchup, the Bengals took the edge and are now heading to face the Patrick Mahomes led Chiefs, while Derrick Henry gets to rest until next season. We for sure hope to see him fully healthy, just as the rest of the Titans squad.

ARod: Cheesehead?

Wisconsin is almost grieving this week. It is rather unknown whether it’s only the disheartening playoff loss, or the potential last game of Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau Field. After being victims to a terrible defense, the 49ers and their kicker came up victorious and will have to face the absolute best defense in the league, alongside the best WR and a couple extra stars this weekend. Nonetheless, back in Titletown, things are not going well. It even seems like the diva QB is pondering retirement after the loss last weekend. Most fans think it would be a departure from the Packers, but Rodgers, 38, is now pondering retirement. For the sake of the fans, they can only hope this is another Favre case. In the case Rodgers leaves, we will also be seeing other departures of stars in GB.

Tom Brady: Timeless

The Buccaneers did not make it to the divisional championship, but they absolutely demonstrated how much of an amazing team they are. Having the WR situation been different, TB12 would absolutely be directed to the Superbowl, not only the divisional championship. It is clear that Tom Brady is an amazing leader and by far the best QB in this generation (which has been a long one). The 44-year-old has not said he will retire just yet and does not seem to be stopping any time soon. We hope to see way more of Brady’s timeless excellence.

Josh Allen: Next UP?

Game of the year. And not even a close contest. The Bills put up a war this past weekend, and they owe it to Josh Allen who demonstrated that, despite his inconsistency at times, he is an overall talented.

The Bills have become one of the biggest teams to improve in recent history. They are exciting to watch and will absolutely make the bowl or the divisional championship. After all, KC cannot be invincible forever— or can they? The future is definitely bright, and the Bills mafia could not be more thrilled about it.

After four teams went home, four remain and two games that are more than exciting this upcoming weekend.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams:

The 49ers are no match for the Rams. At least that is what some fans think, but they must have missed the 31-10 loss that the Rams had against the 49ers. As long as Stafford does not choke (like he brutally did this past weekend and is in debt with Von Miller and the defense) and does not throw a lot of picks, the Rams should have a field day. On the other side, Deebo Samuel’s squad has as a highlight: its special teams from this past weekend. The battle of California will truly be exciting to watch.

PREDICTION: Jimmy G is not that man. Aaron Donald absolutely demolishes the SF O-line, and the Rams will go home to SoFi for the biggest game of the year.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals:

The KC Chiefs are BACK in the championship! Amazing run by Mahomes and his star-studded squad. Mahomes comes off a game with zero interceptions, where he played nearly flawlessly. On the other side, Joe Burrow and the Bengals have not “beaten” any team perse but have a lot to offer. An ambitious QB and his hungry squad take onto a dominant dinasty.

PREDICTION: After having an amazing playoff run, as a definitely biased pick, I believe Joe Shiesty and his squad will be the Cinderella story of the year, leaving Patty Mahomes and the amazing Chiefs behind.