Dear LU Administration

The following is a piece submitted by an anonymous writer to the Lawrentian, published under Variety for its poetic style.  

Dear LU Administration, 

Am I a paycheck to you? 

Am I a number that falls into your bank account? 

Am I human to you or a symbol of your reputation? 

Do you hear my voice? 

Or do you block it out with your money stacks? 

Do you actually care about our wellbeing? 

Or are we a symbol of your reputation? 

Do you care when students pass out in the summer heat? 

Do you care when students trip on the uneven cracks? 

When a pipe breaks and the water falls? 

Do you care when we are struck by sickness? 

Or do our tears add to your daily income? 

Do you care when a student is assaulted?

Or will you continue to victim blame? 

Will you continue to abuse our labor? 

Will you continue to take advantage of us for cheap? 

Will you not bat an eye when we demand to be treated as human?

Do our cries mean nothing? 

Will you continue to dismiss us as you prey on prospective students? 

Will you continue to lie to them and rope them into your trap? 

Will you continue to enchant them with your disillusions? 

Hoping that they will soon turn into another dollar? 

Will you continue to turn us away until your precious dollars are threatened? 

Will you continue to censor us when we cry out to the Appleton community for help?

Are your statements of care and change just one of your many fabrications? 

Our labor and tears pour into your savings.

We are just a paycheck to you.


Your paycheck