Love Letter to the Coffee Lover

Dear Coffee Lover, 

I’m certain you will understand when I say there is nothing better than the perfect mug of this liquid gold on any given day. Think of the soft whirring of the machine, the intensely bitter yet soothing aroma with multiple different undertones of flavor, the warmth of the steam as the coffee gently falls into the cup, and the excitement of finally getting to drink it. This can give all coffee lovers a much needed positive start. The day comes alive as an amazing cup of your favorite blend gets freshly brewed and then slowly savored. A good cup of coffee has the magical ability to provide a pick-me-up even when one doesn’t have the time. This particular form of caffeine can also become so versatile. 

There are many different preparations that can appeal to various people. Take the black coffee – it’s quick, strong, and even potent at times. This is why it can come in limited amounts like an espresso shot. Now think about when there’s some milk, vanilla, and sugar in the cup. The potency of black coffee becomes more mellow and sweet. This gives a taste that is intended to be paired with the perfect breakfast. How about adding chocolate to make a mocha? Or having that light and airy foam of a cappuccino that a cookie can be dipped in? Coffee can become anything one wants it to be, whether that is sweet or strong, paired with food or on its own, and this is truly the only way to enjoy the drink you love most. 

I hope your next cup of coffee is the best one yet,

Your Fellow Coffee Lover.