Wound to Heal

The words I say cut
through bone and sinew
straight to the heart
cracking ribs with a push

Sometimes the cut is clean
easily mended
with some thread
and a very
sharp needle

But sometimes
they are the bull
in the proverbial
china shop of the body
and smashing indiscriminately  

Sometimes I turn
my sharp words
on myself
doing damage
I wish others would do
but are too kind to

And sometimes
the words are nothing
but bruises 
that need to be pushed
each of them
little reminders

Sometimes I just say
what needs to be said
the consequences 
be damned
because if I don't
it will rip itself out of me

Perhaps sometimes
the walks help
screaming my words
like axes 
at trees
that cannot be felled by me alone

Sometimes they are are the wall
the final defense of razors
thrown out at random
a challenge a plea
climb me though it hurts
climb me because you care

The words I say cut
sometimes the truth
sometimes a lie
but fundamentally me all the same