Pen and Ink

For this poem, I believe the goal was to describe an everyday object. I decided to focus on my owl bookbag that I use quite often, which you may recall if you’ve seen me walking around campus. Ultimately, this is a poem to show my appreciation for the one companion I’ve had at my literal side nonstop for the last few years.  

Envelop Me in Your Book Bag

Envelop me in your book bag, 
So that I, too, can be carried to and fro. 

Hide me between your weathered notebooks, 
Or in the hidden compartment  
Among the dirty pennies and vanilla chapstick. 

It may be tattered and worn 
Like a grandmother’s hands, 
Losing threads rather than losing hair, 

But it stubbornly fights to remain intact, 
Holding together its remaining seams, 
Like a mother trying not to break composure. 

Add me to the constant weight of yours  
That it carries without complaint, 
For I want to be enveloped in your book bag, 
So that I will be safe among your other things, 

Until the day you finally decide 
You need me.