Persephone’s Maiden

My lover moves like daylight through the willow leaves  
Her beauty steals my senses every time she breathes 
Her eyes burn through my soul like a beacon in the dark  
For I am but anxious kindling, praying for her spark  

He prays in her temple, but he is no saint   
He worships her only for the pearly gates 
Now he has usurped the hands of Fate 

Does she know I am hers alone? 
Does she know my heart beats true? 
I’d swear fealty to her throne 
On my life, I’d serve her well  
I could give her seven heavens 
But she hungers for his hell  

Now he has stolen her away to his kingdom of sin 
In slithering silk she lies as the ritual begins  
I would barter with the devil  
I would beg to take her place   
But when I looked back, she was smiling. 
She was looking at his face. 

So let the sun stop rising, let the Earth remain dry  
For my lost love shall be the end of me 
Still I scream into the wind, but I’ll expect no reply 
For the bride of Hades is dead to me