I feel safe riding shotgun beside you 
As you cruise and unload your exquisite mind on me 
You say you admire my thoughtfulness 
Even though it’s just me overthinking endlessly 
You’re beautiful like sunrise on the eastern shore 
You’re the type of perfect pretty that hurts to hold 
Your lips call me friend but your eyes call me more 
And I know I could close the distance if I could just be bold 
Your heart is freshly broken and your faith is weak 
I’ve lived two decades waiting for a single kiss 
Do we dare to be the solace that our tired souls seek? 
Do we dare to end each other’s burning loneliness? 
We could design a lavender daydream  
But my bones know we would never last the night 
If we tried, we’d lose ourselves forever 
We’d bear a thousand wrongs for a single right 
So please hold me without touching 
Please see me without looking too far 
Please be my friend without longing 
for what lies beyond company 
in the fated stars