Staff feature: Mary Boyle

Hi! I’m Mary Boyle, a senior English major from Chicago.  

Boyle at first base in a preseason game. Photo provided by LU Athletics.

What sports do you play at Lawrence? 

I play fastpitch softball.

How did you end up writing for The Lawrentian? 

I saw some openings posted my first year for the Features section, and I thought I would try it out! I absolutely loved it, and then my wonderful teammate junior Taylor Hughes got me to write for the Sports section, and I love it even more! 

Are you involved in any extracurriculars at Lawrence?  

Boyle playing youth softball. Photo provided by Mary Boyle.

Other than being a part of the softball team, I am a member of Delta Gamma, and I am a writing tutor. My older sister was in a sorority and encouraged me to try it out, and I ended up meeting some of my best friends. Delta Gamma is important to me because they cherish the ideals of friendship, character and social responsibility that are very important to me. My First-Year Studies professor encouraged me to become a writing tutor, and I enjoy getting to help my classmates at any stage in the writing process. I love that I not only get to utilize my writing and editing skills to help others, but also I get to work with a variety of students from various majors.  

Boyle is a catcher and first baseman for the Vikings. Photo provided by Mary Boyle.

Why did you choose Lawrence? 

I chose Lawrence because of the rigorous academics, competitive softball program and welcoming community. I loved the idea that I could receive a phenomenal education while continuing to play the sport I love in a tight-knit community. 

What advice do you have for those who want to get involved in student journalism?  

Go for it! I think it is a great way to develop your writing skills and build a portfolio for yourself. It can also help you determine whether you want to pursue a career in journalism after graduation.  

What is/are your favorite sport(s) or team(s) to watch? 

Boyle ready to catch for the Vikings. Photo provided by LU Athletics.

The [Lawrence] women’s basketball team has been my favorite team to watch! Their season this year was phenomenal and so exciting to watch. Not to mention they’re some awesome people in general!

What advice do you have for someone who wants to play sports in college? 

It is so worth it. I have met the most amazing women and formed the best friendships through my time in the softball program. It is a lot of work, but the rewards are priceless.