Letter to the Editor

Some questions have been brought up regarding SOUP and the approaching Big Event. This letter is meant to clarify any doubts or inconsistencies concerning funding for the Big Event. At the end of last year, LUCC included money in the SOUP budget for a Big Event similar to the Ben Folds concert of two years ago. This money was enough for the cost of one band, not including production (sound and lighting). Guster, the headliner of next Wednesday’s show, was the winner of a campus wide survey put out this fall. In first term of the present school year, the Big Event Committee, a subcommittee of SOUP, went to LUCC to ask for funding for an opening act; the first allocation only covered one band. LUCC granted this request and Better than Ezra was added to the bill. Again, production costs were not included in the allocation. The rest of the funds required to put on a concert will come from ticket sales to students and the general public. After calculating the numbers required to break even, we determined the student ticket price of $12.50. Tickets for the general public are $30 and $25 for students who do not attend Lawrence. Guster charges around $30 dollars for tickets to their solo concerts. This price does not include an additional act like Better than Ezra. Thus, the value of the tickets for LU students is quite good.

We chose the Performing Arts Center over the Chapel as a venue because we felt the style of Guster and Better than Ezra would fit better in the PAC. In actuality, the cost to bring in the sound and lighting required for a concert in the Chapel would cost more than renting the PAC. Additionally, the extra seating capacity provided by the PAC allows us to open the event to the public and connect with the surrounding community. Essentially, all the money granted by LUCC as well as the revenue from tickets will pay for the band fees and production costs. Any extra profit goes directly back to LUCC.

We hope this clears up any questions about the Big Event and SOUP. If you have any further inquiries or ideas, SOUP meets every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. in the basement of Sage Hall. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.