Staff Editorial: In response to the Gym Class Heroes controversy

In light of the response to last week’s issue, we, at The Lawrentian, would like to make a few things clear. Firstly, we encourage all Lawrentians to take part in healthy discussion, and we are glad to see that so many students have been contributing to an online discussion about The Lawrentian.

Secondly, we would like to stress that the opinions printed in the Opinions and Editorials section — except for the Staff Editorial — do not represent the views of The Lawrentian as a whole. The authors of each article are solely responsible for their opinions and views.

We are excited that the purpose of a student paper — to inform the campus not only of news and events but also about community opinions and reactions to events and campus activities — is being fulfilled through a clear increased level of comfort with social media and the internet.

Despite the heated debate of the online forum, our goal as a journalistic resource was essentially fulfilled in providing the medium for discussion and debate.

The Op-Ed article in question, while controversial to some, initiated an important dialogue about the relationship between the Lawrence College and Conservatory and highlighted the general reality about the lack of enthusiasm for campus events.

Regardless of the debate over the way Conservatory students were portrayed, we at The Lawrentian see another cause of the lacking attendance or excitement for Gym Class Heroes: general student apathy, ignorance and a ‘reactionary’ attitude.

Instead of getting involved in planning committees or voicing preferences before Gym Class Heroes was booked, students instead turned to complaining about the venue after it was too late to change it.

As members of a student organization ourselves, we at The Lawrentian see extreme value in student opinions and involvement, and would encourage others to expend a little extra energy in the process of planning a vision they have for the Lawrence community instead of expending energy solely on complaining.

If you want to see bands you like perform on campus, then join SOUP or BBC.

We at The Lawrentian are committed to publishing a variety of viewpoints, but we are of course limited to publishing only the viewpoints that are submitted. Therefore, we encourage all students to submit articles — we are only a quick email away.

If you feel that your perspective is not represented in the paper, then write. We promise our editorial board is not scary, and we are friendly and open. We are willing to work with new writers, to ease your fear of publication.