Letter to the editor

This letter was unintentionally omitted from the last issue. The Lawrentian regrets this error. It was, however, published in the online edition.I was dismayed to see the Lawrentian staff editorial about the Fellows program in Friday’s paper (speculating that it might be a “Trojan Horse” designed to replace tenure-track faculty). Let me answer this question clearly and unequivocally: NO, it is not!
The Fellows program is an addition to the tenure-track Lawrence faculty, not a subtraction or a slowing of its growth. If anything, it might help to create new tenure-track lines by establishing student interest in previously unrepresented areas. In designing and executing the program, increasing the quality of education at Lawrence and students’ opportunities for individualized instruction have been primary goals.
In fact, the Trustees have specifically donated money that would not otherwise have been given to Lawrence because they are excited about this program. We also expect the Fellows program to generate support from charitable foundations (to whom grant applications are being written) that would not normally fund tenure-track positions.
Being provocative and skeptical is to be encouraged in a school newspaper, but sowing suspicions of “ulterior motives” when you haven’t bothered to investigate your concerns in even the most preliminary ways is merely sloppy. You stated that it is “perhaps impossible to know the exact intentions of the Fellows program.” It’s not – all you had to do was to ask.

Peter Glick
Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Fellows Committee