Spring Break Trips: Texas- Black Student Union

more featuresWhile the Lawrence campus went through harsh weather and snow storms, members of the Black Student Union (BSU) spent five days of their Spring Break in sunny South Padre Island, Texas. Seven students from the group drove two days, an estimate of 30 hours altogether, to get to 80 degree weather and the fabulous beach environment.

Although the trip was a cool bonding experience for BSU members, it also served a humanitarian purpose. The seven BSU members spent most of their days volunteering at Sea Turtles Inc., an organization that focuses on rehabilitating sick turtles, which focused on maintaining the facilities and working hands-on with the turtles. The students also participated in some of the island’s fun activities, such as parasailing on the Gulf of Mexico, riding a banana boat that was pulled by a jet ski and attending a huge beach party sponsored by Coca-Cola.

BSU shows scholars that during Spring Break, it is possible to both work hard and play hard at South Padre Island.

“It felt really good to get away from Lawrence and the bad weather. This was the first time I have ever been to Texas and it was a great opportunity to volunteer,” said sophomore Najja Gay. “It was the most exciting experience I ever had.”