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Feminism: A Catholic perspective

I’d like to begin by making a very controversial statement: I believe in women’s rights. That wasn’t very controversial, was it? Here, maybe this will do it: I disagree with many folks as to what “rights” do and do not belong to women. Please know that the same is true of men. I’ll start with

Learning to be Grateful

I know it’s not quite the season, but I have Thanksgiving on the brain. What’s not to love about it? A hearty serving of food, family, and football is topped off with memories of making construction paper turkeys in kindergarten and some vague, semi-historical narrative about the Pilgrims. In the moment before we begin the

The freedom of religious doctrine

G. K. Chesterton would have loved Mumford & Sons. If I could only provide one reason for believing that, I’d go with these lyrics from the song “I Will Wait”: “so tame my flesh and fix my eyes/a tethered mind, freed from the lies.” If you’re not familiar with Chesterton or Mumford & Sons, I