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The downside of ‘learning to live’ on a residential campus

College is meant to be a time to learn skills that will help you as an adult. Getting a job, being able to form a well-rounded opinion, writing and communication skills are all things that our liberal arts education seriously improves over our four-year stay. However, while we are off living on a residential campus,

So, what do we do next? Musings on post-college life

Remember May and June of your senior year of high school? How everyone was abuzz with excitement over college plans or maybe gap years? Seniors, perhaps you’ve noticed that your last year of college is different. Unlike your high school senior year, imagining a collegiate life filled with dusty works of Aristotle and frat parties,

Hurvis Center debuts new, high tech film studio

We’ve all watched with interest and anticipation this past year as the Hurvis Center, formerly Downer Commons, was reworked and constructed before us. However, until returning this fall, many of us had no idea what was to be housed in the newly renovated building. While one side of the building consists of Admissions, Career Services

How To: Dress for a reluctant Appleton spring

After what was, in my opinion, a very cold winter, we were all hoping for some relief come springtime. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but we didn’t get it. Even now, a few weeks after the official turning date of spring, the temperatures in our lovely city of Appleton rarely get above 45, if even that.