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Famed guitarist St. Vincent releases eponymous fourth album

Annie Clark, more commonly referred to by the stage name St. Vincent, is an eccentric, brilliant musician who is one of the most inventive guitarists around. Her self-titled fourth studio album is an absolute masterwork to add to her three previous phenomenal albums. A grungy work of loud guitar, brilliant vocals and massive changes of

Music video director Woodkid releases debut, “The Golden Age”

Woodkid is an artist whose music really defies all convention. Born Yoann Lemoine of French and Polish descent, he is most notably a music video director who has directed for Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey, and won multiple awards for his videos, including a Grammy for his video of his own song

Jonze’s “Her” explores future of love

The way we connect is changing. We communicate silently and remotely via texts, we can chat face to face across the world, we can even fall in love before we ever meet someone. Spike Jonze’s new movie “Her” is an incredible piece of cinema that outlines this new way of communicating and connecting. The story,

Artist Spotlight: Sophia Borkowski

Most people in the Conservatory have taken the normal route: Enrolled as a freshman straight out of high school, then kept on that path until graduation four or fifth years later. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Senior Susan Borkowski came to Lawrence as a junior and started her 4-year program then. This extra

Surfer Blood’s sound suffers in “Pythons”

Surfer Blood’s first album, “Astro Coast,” was a distorted electronic pop-rock album full of indie hits. Their sophomore release, “Pythons,” cleans up the sound and makes it slightly more poppy. This change has equal pros and cons. While the first album had a really unique and interesting sound, “Pythons” ventures into a more mainstream territory,

Arctic Monkeys return with fifth effort “AM”

The Arctic Monkeys is a band that has continued to evolve since its first release, and its new effort, “AM,” is a continuation of this growth. This time around, the Sheffield, England natives have created a heavy, dark rock album with plenty of their signature wit. The band’s strongest asset has always been the amazing

“Pure Heroine” is more than “Royals”

Pop culture is obsessed with excess, which leads to the odd phenomenon of droves of people chanting about a life they could never possibly afford. This is the main complaint of New Zealand alt-pop artist Lorde. With poignant criticism of pop culture and catchy beats, she has become a superstar overnight—and for good reason. Born

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Don Jon” critiques the romantic comedy

“There’s only a few things I really care about in life. My body. My pad. My ride. My family. My church. My boys. My girls… my porn.” This is the opening line of the new romantic comedy “Don Jon,” which focuses on the modern disillusionment of relationships that comes from our media, whether it be