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A conversation with a former Chi Alpha member

Chi Alpha is a national Christian organization whose goal is to help students connect with like-minded believers and increase their faith. In addition, it promotes a small family among students and the group leaders. This sounds like a good thing, and certainly not one that should be shunned solely on religious values. Lawrence University also

An Evening of Poetry with Kiki Petrosino

A copy of Petrosino’s book of poetry, Witch Wife, signed by the poet.  Photo by Larissa Davis. On Apr. 25, visiting poet Kiki Petrosino read from her books of poetry at 7 p.m. in the Wriston Art Galleries. Prior to the readings, Assistant Professor of English Melissa Range first introduced Petrosino and read the Lawrence

Math Professor delivers lecture on fair division

Professor Alissa Crans from Loyola Marymount University gave the McDougal Lecture in Mathematics on Tuesday, Apr. 30, at 4:30 p.m. in Steitz Hall 102. The title of her presentation was “Frosting Fairness, Finally!”  Crans is a big fan of cake and has wondered about the fair division of cake cutting. She started the lecture with

World News

Compiled from various mainstream news outlets. Iraq Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the terrorist group ISIS, was seen on video for the first time in five years. The last time was when he declared the group’s caliphate in 2014 in the city of Mosul, Iraq. Since then, time has not been kind to the


This is the beginning of a weekly series of updates from Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC). This week, LUCC is happy to introduce its cabinet!  President Maria Poimenidou She/Her/Her’s Majors: biochemistry and economics with a concentration in innovation and entrepreneurship Fun Fact: I am afraid of the dark. Vice President Ghania Imran She/Her/Her’s Major: biology

World News

Compiled from various mainstream news outlets. Sri Lanka Last Sunday, Sri Lanka endured a brutal terrorist attack, leaving over 320 dead and over 500 wounded in churches and hotels across the country. The attack was one of the worst in the nation’s history, and the gross action was claimed by the small militant group named

World News

Compiled from various mainstream news outlets. Russia A court in Moscow convicted 63-year-old former Norwegian border guard Frode Berg of espionage on Tuesday, sentencing him to 14 years in prison. This came after the Russian government convicted a former police officer in December for passing files relating to the country’s Navy to the border guard.

COLORES recognizes Day of Silence

Harassment and the silencing of the LGBTQ+ community has been occurring for centuries, and while in recent years, the course of the world has been changing, things are far from perfect. In fact, it can be easy for those who do not have to live in fear of expressing their identity to look at how