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Advice from Alumni

Retired CEO of Kraft Foods Group, Inc. Tony Vernon ’78 shared personal and professional lessons that he aquired during his career on Wednesday, April 13 in the Warch Campus Center Cinema. Emphasizing how significantly his personal values contributed to his professional career, he related valuable experiences and memories that helped him achieve his goals. Vernon

The Specht Pages: Our New Home

Do you happen to live on a residential campus? Would you like to know the secrets to designing an ideal residence hall for such a campus? Hello, and welcome to Specht Pages, the true and supreme voice of Lawrence University. In this celebratory 32nd issue, we will lead the university to victory as it considers

Ask a fifth-year: Religiously divided roommates

Dear Will, I am a Christian and my roommate is an atheist. We have so far been very friendly with each other and haven’t discussed our beliefs much, but she often makes passing comments about religious people being unreasonable and unintelligent, which tend to offend me. I understand that part of being a liberal arts

Ask a fifth-year: To Greek or not to Greek, that is the question

Dear Will, I’ve been recently hanging out with a lot of fraternity guys and I think they’re interested in having me join as a pledge. I’ve always kind of been against the idea of a fraternity, as it seems like I’d be paying for friends. These seem like cool guys, though, and I’m really interested