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The Hat Trick “Bruce’s End”

“Please,” thought Bruce Elwood, concentrating harder than he ever had in his life. Through the hat’s goggles, he could only see the toe of his daughter’s shoe, and of course–being stuck in a hat–he couldn’t move. “Pick me up, Lia. Pick up the hat!” “Father?” The view from the goggles moved until they focused on

The Hat Trick :”Lia”

a serial story written by the Creative Writing Club. Finally. Finally, she could do it. Finally, she could bring back her father. Lia Elwood—the name she currently went by—was a witch. She stood at the rail of the cruise ship, carefully out of the view of the crew. She was a stowaway, and if they

Winter Lane

“Did you have a good day at school, honey?” I swirled my spoon around in the bowl. It was homemade chicken noodle soup — one of my mom’s specialties. Ideal for the rather gloomy town that we lived in. I continued to stare down at the bowl, saying nothing. I couldn’t possibly tell her what

Winter Lane

The sun never shines so brightly on Winter Lane. When it isn’t raining, dark grey clouds still gather overhead, hinting that they could open up and drench the woebegone waterlogged neighborhood any time they please. This is in part a result of the location — gloomy Doleville — but the sun’s unwillingness to show baffles