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Me vs. Poetry

You would think something as common and harmless as poetry would be an infantile step in the great pursuit of greatness for an English major. But alas, my English teachers who vigorously cheered me on throughout my childhood were either gravely misguided and I have absolutely no ability to pursue this major, or an evil

In defense of single majoring

As a single-major English major, I often feel inadequate compared to the double majors on campus, of which Lawrence has many. Our ten-week terms allow students to take more classes than semester universities, so getting an extra major as a “backup” can be attractive. Considering the number of people that take this option, anxiety can

Besiege the pink dollhouse: Feminism and Femininity

Too often, feminists and non-feminists alike equate feminism with anti-femininity. The occasional devil’s advocate loves to ask how someone can identify as a feminist and still wear lipstick or jewelry. Real women don’t wear pink: \Aren’t we supposed to chop off our hair and strangle the patriarchy with our burning bras? No, at least not

Too much of nothing: Academia’s apocalypse

Students of Lawrence take note: I have foreseen a minor apocalypse. Not the end of the world; it’s rather the end of meaningful class discussions. Its arrival is hailed not by Conquest, War, Famine or Death but by the Horsemen of large class sizes and overuse of the word “problematic.” Call me the new Nostradamus,

Lawrentians in Contention: Let them eat vegetables

The healthy options in our café are abysmal. Controversial statement of the year, right? Normally I wouldn’t ruminate on such things—if I’m to be honest my usual orders at Kaplan’s Café consist of some Meat ft. Greasy Side—but in the past few weeks, after several Lawrentians reiterated the point, something clicked. Our café has the