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Sexual Misconduct Policy: A Year in Review

Naomi Oster For the Lawrentian Content warning: mentions of sexual violence, reporting. As the anniversary of a specific rapist’s second removal from campus comes upon us, I think it is time for us as Lawrentians, and me, as SAASHA (Student Alliance against Sexual Harassment and Assault) Vice Chair, to be reflective. What has happened in

“It’s On Us” week aims to end sexual assault

Senior Brenna Ori and junior Eryn Blagg educate Lawrentians on consent during lunch. Photo by Emily Midyette   This week marked the Sexual Harassment and Assault Resources and Education (SHARE) committee’s “It’s On Us” campaign. Started by the Obama administration in 2014, the campaign asks people to pledge that they will no longer be a

“The Clothes We Wear”: Behind Sexual Assault

This past week, Student Alliance Against Sexual Harassment (SAASHA) was working on an art installation called “The Clothes We Wear.” The exhibit included t-shirts on a clothesline decorated with positive messages for survivors of sexual violence and statistics showing the facts of sexual assault on campus to raise awareness of the reality of sexual harassment