What’s on your iPod?

Anne Aaker

1. ” Alpha Beta Gaga,” Air
I think this is a little bit of a Mario Kart-esque music, in a good way though.2. “Keep It Together,” Guster
Ahh, this is so freshman year!

3. “Les Amants D’un Jour,” Edith Piaf
She breaks the glass at the end of the song — I really like that moment.

4. “Carnival,” The Cardigans
I love them! And this is such a fun song.

5. “Circuit Breaker,” Royksopp
This song definitely reminds me of Europe, summer 2006. That’s why I really like it, though it’s actually not one of this band’s best songs.

6. “Seoul,” Amiina
This song is very soothing, but it actually sounds a little bit like creepy toy box music.

7. “Raw Sugar,” Metric
I was wondering when summer was going to come… but apparently it never get here.

8. “Stars,” Au Revoir Simone
I listen to them A LOT nowadays. This is yet another happy song from them.

9. “Caligula,” Macy Gray
Haha, I had completely forgotten about this song. Macy Gray is crazy!

10. “One More Time,” Daft Punk
This song reminds me of the lovely London dinners I had with Sarah Page last winter!