Sports in the real world

Kyle Nodarse

What to do during February? I am at a loss right now. Baseball season hasn’t started up yet; both college and professional football have ended; and professional basketball is a joke to watch during the regular season.
Here’s what I’ve decided, and I know everyone is anxious to hear my answer. Nothing. I am going to do nothing until March Madness rolls around. I’m going to ignore Sports Center and I’m going to stop watching ESPN every day. I’m going to stop reading the sports pages from USA Today and The Chicago Tribune. I’m going to stop looking at Yahoo! Sports and to stay on top of everything that is going on in the sports realm. I’m going to stop reading three different subscriptions to sports magazines.
That’s right. I’m giving up sports for the month. Sort of. My goal during this month is to attend as many Lawrence University events as possible. I haven’t been to a basketball game this season, so I’m going to head out and cheer on our men’s basketball team and our women’s basketball team February 16 against Beloit at 2 and 4 p.m.
I’m going to head over to the rec center over reading period to cheer on the swimming and diving programs as they head into conference championships. And I’m going to cheer on hockey, wrestling and fencing as they head to their respective sites for their conference championships as well.
This month is all about Lawrence for me — maybe you should do the same! Good luck Vikings!