Letter to the Editor

Recently, The Lawrentian objected to the fact that students aren’t allowed to consume alcohol in public spaces. While the authors “do not take issue with the need to abide by state law” in terms of underage drinking, they implied that the administration appears focused solely on pushing “crowds of students into individual rooms,” and “preventing consumption” while avoiding liability.
I would like to point out that the Lawrence alcohol policy, which can be found on pages 21-22 of the student handbook, was authored by LUCC in accordance with Appleton ordinances in terms of consumption in public spaces, be they a small house lounge or the sidewalk of John Street.
In particular, the policy stresses responsible drinking among students, and encourages an educational approach to violations that is fully supported by the university.
The policy also outlines the process a number of student groups currently undergo in order to hold an event in a common space. Students fill out a form with the Dean of Students Office and state that responsible individuals will be monitoring alcohol consumption by persons of legal age at the event.
At an institution that emphasizes accountability and individual and community responsibility, the above should not be seen as an obstacle.
The editorial was further mistaken when it mentioned that “the current policy does not offer much education about responsible drinking.” There is a fantastic Alcohol Education Coordinator on campus, Paul Valencic, and both LUCID and the Wellness Committee are actively striving to raise responsible drinking awareness on campus and ensure that Lawrentians enhance a number of their personal wellness areas through various means.
There was also a recent door hanger campaign to reintroduce students to e-CHUG, a confidential online alcohol assessment that provides students with personalized information regarding their drinking habits and associated risk factors, and is available for free through the counseling center Web site.
Just because The Lawrentian has not covered something does not deny its existence.
I hope in the future The Lawrentian will take the initiative and write more about the educational opportunities available on campus, regarding alcohol and other areas of wellness.Roman Brusovankin