Staff editorial

All of you now know that the Wisconsin primaries took place this past Tuesday. We hope that as many Lawrentians as were able to vote did so.
We at The Lawrentian would like to thank the university in general for the strong effort to help Lawrentians get to the polls. Students were able and encouraged to register at Lucy’s and Downer during meal times, vans took students to and from the polls, and students were urged to use to help make their voting choices.
This latest effort has been one among many this year; a pivotal, politically charged year that President Beck and the Student Affairs staff have worked hard to get students involved with.
Andrew Sullivan’s convocation was another important contribution to students’ experience of this election year. The Lawrentian staff cannot express enough how inspiring, thought provoking, and “super duper fabulous” Sullivan’s Super Tuesday convocation was. Thank you.
The President’s seminar, coupled with MyElectionDecision, has and will hopefully continue to make an impact on campus.
Students from the class actively sought out the opinions of their peers in order to better-understand the election issues of importance to Lawrentians, adding them to in hopes of getting even more student interest and involvement.
We all have a responsibility next fall to make a change in our country’s administration, whichever change that might be.
We would like to remind our fellow Lawrentians of how lucky we are to experience this historical moment at Lawrence and how grateful we should be to a community that supports and encourages awareness and engagement in our society, a society in which we shall soon play a major role.