Letter to the Editor

Scott Sandersfeld

(Brent Schwert)

President Jill Beck deserves praise for the best presidential convocation I have heard in my time here at Lawrence. Not only was it mostly right on in terms of content and message, but it was a breath of fresh air in that it actually highlighted the achievements of students and faculty engaged in intellectually rigorous and productive activity.
This is particularly noteworthy in contrast to many other convocations (long before President Beck’s arrival and since) which seem to be a variation on an admonishment for not giving up enough of ones time to others in the community.
Particularly great was the emphasis of the talk on free discussion, vigorous debate and most important of all the crucial role of reason in determining and evaluating one’s own views and positions.
In the current intellectual vacuum of multiculturalism, moral relativism and political correctness, President Beck illuminated, if even for just a short while, what ought to be the true purpose of the liberal arts education; the ceaseless and valiant pursuit of truth.- Scott Sandersfeld