Women drop heartbreaker to Forresters

Ted Johnson

To the dismay of the large crowd attending Saturday afternoon’s game at Whiting Field, the Foresters of Lake Forest College stole the victory from the Lawrence women in the game’s dying moments.
The Foresters would open and close the game with goals, only one of which seemed deserved to the Viking fans. Lake Forest first scored in the fourth minute, the shot coming from Jocelyn Maneval, who scored from the right side.
The early-game play was back and forth as both teams passed the ball effectively on the ground. However, while Lawrence managed to advance the ball through the midfield without much difficulty, it proved nearly impossible for Vikings on the attack to get open in front of goal.
Fortune would turn in favor of the Lawrence women just before halftime as Pam Golemgeski scored an unassisted goal after a series of miscues and failures to clear the ball by the Lake Forest defense.
After halftime, Lawrence came out looking strong and seemed to have a new energy. The game turned physical and the Vikes responded with physical play from the defense.
After tense back-and-forth soccer, it was high time for Lawrence to create opportunities up front, but the few shots LU managed were not on goal.
It was in the 78th minute that the Lawrence defense found itself in a precarious situation, and after a confusing scramble near the goal, Forester Kelly Tate scored from a somewhat accidental Helen Eisenberg assist.
Lawrence was given a chance to even the score again, and a ball was played through to Jackie Bean, but she could not convert. Lake Forest did not let up and added another in the 87th minute. That goal resembled the one scored minutes before, in an 18-yard box melee.