Featured Athlete: Billy Bodle

Viking roverback Billy Bodle had a bit of a defensive three-peat this Saturday. The senior from Highland Park had a fumble recovery, tackle for loss, as well as an interception. Bodle leads the Viking defense in tackles for the second straight season. Associate Sports Editor Phil Roy sat down with Billy to talk football.Q: Given that only the top team in the league advances into postseason action, what are some of the goals for the Vikings in the next few weeks?

Billy: Well, if we play well and win on the road — which we’ve had trouble with — we should run the table and get the 1987 off our backs. Our coaches have shown a lot of faith in us, and we haven’t reached our full potential yet, but will look to give them as many wins as possible.

Q: What, according to you, has been key to the Viking defense coming up with big plays this season?

Billy: We have a pretty young defense with a lot of good athletes so it’s been a matter of people remembering their responsibilities and coming together as a unit. Last Saturday really showed how we can get big plays out of all the defensive players. And bowling . on Monday nights we go to “dollar bowling,” which is key.

Q: Do football players have conversations at the bottom of pile-ups? Have you had any that come to mind?

Billy: Some players get into it at the bottom of pile-ups. I’m not very eloquent with my mouth-guard in so don’t normally say too much. I did get upset after I got hit at the end of a play this Saturday, and gave him the “the plays over, jackass,” but that’s about it.

Q: You guys face our rivals Ripon in the last game of the season. How much would a season-ending win against them mean to you and the team?

Billy: Our senior class hasn’t beaten Ripon in their college careers and we feel like this would be a good opportunity to change that. It would be great for the seniors to go out victorious against our rivals in the Banta Bowl.