Style, more Style!

EP: Let’s talk about accessories. From jewelry to bags, there have been some pretty tragic misses that I’ve seen lately, but also some really great looks. Accessories can revive old clothes and make new ones look as fab as they really are. People need to get down with accessories. Fast.KW: I would like to issue a statement that I am officially bringing back the brooch, a highly underrated accessory, and one of my personal favorites. If you like beaded cardigans or other sparkly tops, why not wear a brooch instead. Note that this is instead, because too much sparkle will result in severe mocking and Xanadu references. Anyway, a great brooch is a really nice accessory to add to a simple outfit.

JC: I would like to issue a counter-statement to your statement. I have been wearing brooches forever.

AA: Kayla has a point: sometimes people wear too many accessories and this makes them look foolish. Someone very intelligent once said, “Less is more.” They must have been talking about accessories! Jewelry is really one of the most layered-on accessories these days. Here is an important thing to remember: Never, ***ever*** wear earrings, rings, bracelets, ***and*** a necklace at the same time. I have seen this several times. What people don’t realize is that it doesn’t matter how many diamonds or rubies you’re wearing — if you want to make any sort of fashionable statement, pare down the jewel factor. Instead, add one fabulous accessory to your outfit, like a brooch or a great pair of earrings.

KW: Can we talk about bags for a minute? I really cannot stand when girls carry nice purses but wear sweatpants. That makes no sense and I just pity the bag because it has to been seen with a hobo outfit. It makes me want to rip the bag off of the girl and claim it for my own. The classiness of your bag (or other accessory) should match the overall classiness of your outfit.

EP: The great thing about accessories, speaking of matching, is that they don’t have to “match” your outfit in the traditional sense. They have to match in a much more abstract way. Thus, nice bags plus sweatpants: not a good combo. However, I do love the combo of colored and interesting jewels with more muted outfits, which match in, like I said, a more abstract way.

AA: Oh man. Seeing a really expensive-looking bag — say, one with the Coach insignia all over it — on a girl wearing sweatpants is the limit for me.

EP: I think there is something to be said for accessorizing a casual outfit though. I’m a big jeans-and-t-shirt person (and variations of that general idea), and I really like adding a few bangles to a casual outfit (really big this spring), or a big chunky bracelet, as well as some cool earrings to make even the most casual combo look sharper.

AA: I agree. Adding accents to a plain ensemble is a great idea! And doing so works well for day and night. You can easily jazz up a daytime outfit with some great chunky jewelry or a patent leather bag — or whatever you choose — and make it into a superb date-night outfit. I think that the more plain an outfit, the more freedom you have with accessories.

KW: I agree whole-heartedly. I am a huge fan of jewelry with a simple outfit. I really like gold hoops with jeans and a plain neutral colored tee. With jewelry, you can add a lot of color to an otherwise boring, simple outfit. I have seen a lot of girls lately doing this with really chunky necklaces and I very much approve.
Finally, I have to mention my favorite accessory of all time: the headband. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but seriously, go get some right now. They are perfect for keeping bangs out of your face and adding some pop to your outfit. I have a deep love for metallic headbands. They look really great with any sort of subdued outfit and amazing with little black dresses. Patent leather bands are also amazing. Not only do headbands look adorable, they kind of make you feel like a princess.