Staff Editorial

With 75 LUCC-sponsored groups currently on campus, we are thrilled to see LUCC take action in the form of Student Organization Council to help groups organize their missions and funds. We want to personally compliment Mollie Bodin on following through with her campaign promise of uniting the campus, as we believe that the creation of the SOC is a crucial first step.In the words of LUCC President-elect James Duncan-Welke, the primary goal of the SOC is “to bring Lawrence’s student organizations together” with the most direct result of easing of the pressure put on LUCC’s finances by funding a wide variety of groups.

We agree that the SOC proposal is a great way of combating these problems, and we find Duncan-Welke’s stance to be reasonable and open-minded. We disagree with him, however, on two matters.

One issue is that of not requiring representatives of the student clubs to attend SOC meetings. We feel a meeting three times a term would be no undue stress on campus organizations. This requirement could kill two birds with one stone: It would drastically cut funding for irresponsible or inactive groups and hold operating groups accountable in return for continued funding.

Student groups are funded by LUCC via student activity fees; therefore, it is imperative that student groups are contributing positively to the Lawrence campus and providing opportunities for students.

We also disagree with Duncan-Welke on the matter of consolidating groups whose interests overlap. We do not necessarily believe that groups with congruent interests should merge, because while these groups could be similar in subject, they could deviate on mission and overall character.

We believe that the SOCs provide a great opportunity for these groups to collaborate on events that require funding, whereas their individual meetings can and should remain separate.

The Student Organization Councils will not only provide an excellent opportunity and incentive for cooperation between similar groups, but also could lead to some unlikely pairings that could unify and energize our campus. Maybe an Eating Club and Greenfire banquet? Or maybe Viking Conservatives and Students for Leftist Action hosting a game of America’s favorite sport, softball?