Letter to the Editor

With all the talk of change dominating the stories of national politics, I can’t help but think of our own campus. The past year has ushered in a decline in how well the Lawrence community operates.Specifically, LUCC and Campus Activities have become institutions that inhibit the enjoyment of campus life. We are now at a point when change can come to these organizations: Let’s demand it.

LUCC has recently unveiled plans for Student Organization Councils, or SOCs. These meetings will be held to give organizations a chance to communicate and collaborate.

The SOC categories that are called for are either groups that are already in communication, or have no interest in collaboration. MCAC, Service Council and the defunct Media Board are institutions that already exist and serve the purpose of three proposed SOCs.

Other campus organizations do not wish to collaborate, and view this plan as simply increased bureaucracy. Although it is true that some current groups would benefit from collaboration, our six-block campus is small, and these groups are, most likely, already aware of each other.

A more expedient solution would be common meeting spaces, posting boards and features on the Lawrence Web site. Measures like these, along with the revival of the Media Board, would provide all the benefits of the proposed SOCs. I encourage the incoming LUCC administration to rethink this plan.

Nobody knew Campus Activities at Lawrence better than Paul Shrode did; his departure last year made this all too clear. Other administrators such as Amy Uecke, Jody Olen, LaDonna Hayden and Charity Rasmussen have taken up some of his duties. Daniel Martin was hired to take many of the everyday duties that Paul had done, yet he had little prior experience. The work these people already have to do is a full time commitment. We shouldn’t be adding to their responsibilities.

The results of this restructuring have manifested themselves in a haphazardly functioning Campus Activities office. Although this plan is only temporary, before a director for the Campus Center is hired, the current situation reveals something intrinsic to Lawrence.

The amount of activity at this school makes running it smoothly a full-time job for an experienced administrator. In comparison to other schools, Lawrence should be a destination for the best candidates around for this position.

This year is evidence for how an inexperienced organizer would run things; it’s time for a Campus Activities office that works as well as it used to.

During this time of change for our campus institutions, we have the opportunity to craft a positive environment for all. As students, we must make our wants and needs known. Join me in welcoming change for the better at Lawrence!
Peter Bennett, class of 2008