Ultimate Rumage Sale

Dylan Reed-Maxfield

A rummage sale put on by the Lawrence University Ultimate Frisbee team took place this week in Riverview Lounge Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Students casually stopping by had a chance to browse through a diverse assortment of old clothes, decorations, toys and small appliances, among other things.All the items were donated by Lawrence students, and were very reasonably priced and in good condition. The team also held this fundraiser last year, and raised about $500. As of Tuesday, they were on pace to surpass that total, with an opening day that brought in over $250 for this year’s event.

According to Chris Hooper, a senior member of the men’s team, a large chunk of the money raised in the sale will go toward the entry fees for the Ultimate Players Association sectional tournament, to be held the weekend of April 12 in Whitewater.

The remainder of the proceeds will help subsidize the Frisbee players’ spring break trip to Savannah, Ga. There, Lawrence’s men’s and women’s teams will gather with teams from around the nation for several days of Ultimate fun on Tybee Island.

Hooper said that the Georgia trip is a great opportunity to start getting some of the less-experienced players more into the sport.

“It’s a really relaxed sort of environment, everyone just hanging out on the beach, playing Ultimate, having fun,” he said of the Tybee Island event, which begins in a creative and unusual way.

The first day is a “hat tournament,” in which teams are chosen at random from among all the players present. Hooper expected about 15 men and 19 women to go to Savannah this spring — numbers that account for most, but not all, of Lawrence’s team.

Also on the Frisbee team’s agenda for this spring is an attempt to host a small tournament at Appleton Community Fields. “The idea would be to get a few teams together that didn’t get very far at Sectionals,” said Hooper.

The team has yet to set a date for the proposed tournament, but hopes it will be able to attract four or five other teams to participate.

Hooper gave credit to the whole team, but especially to seniors Maggie Waldron and Meghan McCallum for getting the rummage sale together.

“They were really great about getting all the stuff collected over in ORC house, and then getting it over here and organized,” he said in praise of their efforts.

Members of both teams then took alternating volunteer shifts to work the sale, hanging out in Riverview for the afternoon and offering their assistance to customers.

If you are worried that you missed your chance to help out the Frisbee team in a fun way, do not worry; their fundraising efforts continue Friday of next week, when they will host a “haircut raffle” at 8 p.m. in the coffeehouse.

Bidders in a silent auction will compete for the opportunity to get creative with the hair of several team members, who will then sport their new ‘dos for all of finals week, as well as their time in Georgia.