Ugh…UGGS: Seriously Girls?-kh tm ehh

Sarah Rochford


We’ve all see it. Some of us may have even participated in it. It’s 90 degrees outside and you’re just walking down the street, when you turn and look at the person next to you. It’s a girl wearing a skirt. Nothing unusual there, it’s a hot day, breezy skirts are essential, but then you look down and see it – UGG boots.

Why girls, why? Some of us spend up to $300 on snow boots and wear them more in the summer time than we do in the winter. Then when winter finally comes, you can’t even wear them because you don’t want to ruin your $300 snow boots by wearing them in the snow. What?

With the exception of these shoes being some kind of magical boot, I see absolutely no point in spending $300 on something you can’t even use for its intended purpose. Heaven forbid they get wet, or worse, stained by salt doused on the sidewalks.

The only positive aspect I can see is the fashion appeal. And with that I am in luck. Because we live in America, we can rest assured that at least once on every city block there is a McDonald’s, a Starbucks and a place where you can buy cheap-knock-off UGG boots. They even sell these knock-offs at select 7-Eleven’s. Trust me, they’re everywhere.

I’m a broke college student. I definitely do not have the luxury of not buying a pair of snow boots solely because they lack a miniscule UGG tag on the back where nobody can see it. I feel pretty strongly in saying I’m not alone on this one.

As this week has showed us, it’s getting cold, and it’s happening fast. Invest your $300 on a pair of boots that will get you to class and around Appleton during the blizzards which will inevitably come our way. Save the petty cash Mom and Dad send you for a nice pair of beautiful, affordable, 7-Eleven brand UGG boots.

I promise you, nobody except Mr. UGG — or whoever actually founded the UGG corporation — will be able to tell the difference.