Photography Club opens its shutters at Lawrence

Bonnie Alger

A dirty, dilapidated darkroom is all that remains of F-Stop, a photography-based club that existed in past years here at Lawrence.
With a growing interest in photography, Lawrence students Nick Olson and Amanda Follett have decided to form a new group on campus that offers students a chance to explore photography.
“The new club has gone through the process of being recognized and is currently going through the process of getting funding,” Olson says. “Once we get funding, then a lot of activities will start happening.”
The activities planned are numerous and varied, and will be open to anyone on campus. One of the club’s top priorities at the moment is to buy new equipment to get the student darkroom up and running.
All students will have access to the darkroom, and the Photography Club plans on running workshops on how to develop film and make prints in a wet darkroom, as well as how to build a basic pinhole camera.
The club plans to host a screening of the documentary “Born into Brothels” at Wriston. It will be shown alongside some of the photos taken from the movie.
The club will vote on places to take photography expeditions. These could be as basic as a junkyard or abandoned building, as close as High Cliff State Park, or as far away as Chicago.
They will also be going to photo exhibitions such as the trip they took over reading period to see “So the Story Goes” at Art Institute of Chicago.
Collaborative projects and photography shows are also going to be a big focus of the club. They plan to have a group show in the Mudd Gallery, as well as a project at Bj”rklunden that could result in an additional show.
Later on in the year they hope to run a student photo sale, as well as show their work at local coffee shops.
Olson encourages everyone to join, as the group is new and open to anyone at any level of experience. Any suggestions as far as activities are concerned are welcomed and can be directed to either Olson or Follett.