Staff Editorial

Although there has been much talk about the new campus center recently, it is difficult to imagine the day when it will finally stand completed on the Lawrence campus. This past week, students got a taste of the plans being made for the new building when they were given the chance to try out possible chairs for the new dining area.
The idea of sitting in 11 different chairs and rating each one may have seemed ridiculous or strange, but it is one of many ways that those planning the campus center are trying to get student input. These efforts must be valued and taken seriously if the Lawrence community desires a final product that is pleasing to all.
The 10-member Campus Center Planning Committee, comprised of students, faculty and staff members representing diverse departments and interests, meets regularly to address various needs and ideas for the new center.
They often hold open meetings to receive feedback on specific plans and to incorporate student input as much as possible. The campus center planning website includes an online form for suggestions and questions.
Because ground has not yet been broken on this project, some students wonder why their input will matter if they are no longer at Lawrence when the campus center is completed.
First of all, the addition of such a space will greatly influence Lawrence’s reputation as an institution and will draw more attention to its strong points. As a college graduate, it is always desirable to have one’s alma mater receive recognition.
In addition, there is a good chance that many Lawrentians will come back at least a few times after graduating, be it for reunions, visits or even to work here. The campus center will serve as the new focal point of campus, making any visit to Lawrence much more enjoyable and interesting.
Regardless of what you think your future connection to the campus center will be, now is the time to have a voice in what it becomes! Whenever you are asked for your input, give it. All in all, it’s not a bad way to leave a mark on the place that most Lawrentians call home for four years.
You can access the Campus Center Planning Committee’s website at