LU Sportsmen gear up for the start of hunting season

Bonnie Alger

It was spring 2005 when Gabe Gonzalez and Nick Muench noticed there was no group on campus for people who were interested in sports such as fishing, hunting, archery, clay shooting, and other related activities.
Together the two decided to form a group that would give students with interests in these sports the opportunity to combine and connect. After a year and a half of existence, the LU Sportsmen now claims a membership of around 60 Lawrence men and women.
So far their activities have been mainly concentrated around fishing and hunting, but a greater quantity and variety of activities are being planned and will be open to anyone on campus.
Past activities include fishing trips to Langlade, Wis. and Port Clinton, Ohio to fish on Lake Erie. A larger trip last year took the group to Norfolk, Ariz., where members spent eight days fishing.
In celebration of the opening of hunting season, the LU Sportsmen will be traveling to Pembine, Wis. this weekend for a hunting expedition.
The group has provided hunting education to members of both the Lawrence and area communities to ensure that their sport is practiced safely.
Long-term plans include a longer trip planned over spring break and bringing in a fishing guide from Lake Winnebago to talk about fishing opportunities.
Since the club’s creation last spring, Muench has graduated from Lawrence and is currently serving in Iraq. Gonzalez is acting as chairman of the organization.
He encourages everyone to join, as the group is relatively new and open to anyone at any level of experience. Any suggestions as far as activities are concerned are welcomed, and can be directed to him at
Meetings of the LU Sportsmen take place every other Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the union alcove.