Artist Spotlight

Anna Hainze

“Objects made in porcelain are often fragile, feminine, commercial, white, pure, upper-class and sometimes luxurious and elaborate to the point that they become non-functional.” These are the words Ben Kraemer used to describe his recent Mudd Gallery art exhibit.
Directly influenced by his childhood, along with the concepts of commerciality and materialism, the beautiful display took everyday childhood toys and added an element of surprise. A component of each object, such as a tire on a bike, was carefully cast in porcelain.
As an Environmental Studies and Biology-Chemistry double major with a minor in Studio Art, Ben knows a lot about challenges, something that he has lately incorporated into his artwork. “I like to play with and challenge the associations that people develop with specific materials,” said Kraemer. Working mostly in ceramics, as demonstrated by his very original exhibit in the Mudd, Ben is interested in the relationship between ceramic craft and ceramic art especially focusing on this recontextualization of materials and ideas.
Other Lawrence showings of his works have included various Wriston Art Collective events as well as making a “sh*t-ton of bowls” for the Empty Bowls event sponsored by the same Collective with all proceeds from bowl sales going to an Appleton soup kitchen. Ben will have new work displayed in the Senior Art Minor Show in late May.