Recipe of the week:

Julia Sati

Spring is slowly teasing its way back to campus, which means that picnic season can’t be far behind. Here’s an easy party punch that’s festive at any grill-out or with a Tex-Mex menu.Lime Tea Punch
12 C iced tea, brewed or instant powder made as per package directions
3 Tbsp honey
2.5 C frozen limeade concentrate (1 large can)
1 T lime zest, grated (optional)
1 Liter ginger ale, chilled

For easy dilution of the honey, heat up a little water and add honey. Stir to dissolve completely. Combine honey solution, iced tea, limeade concentrate and — optional — grated lime zest. This base can be made ahead. Keep refrigerated.

When it’s time for the party, add ginger ale and ice for a refreshing citrus cooler. Makes about 20 servings.