Staff Editorial

During this past academic year, the Lawrence community has endured three startling losses with the passing of its members Kaitlin Mahr, Jen Fitzgerald and Dave Golub. These deaths have struck a chord within our community and have affected us all. The responses to these tragedies have been striking in their number and their sincerity. These events have reminded us how much we value our close-knit community and the bonds we form within it. These bonds are what support us in times of need, like this one.
This is why we wanted to show our appreciation for the Lawrence community. From administration to faculty, to counseling, to residence life, to fellow students, the community has been supportive, understanding and flexible. This response has been consistent throughout this rough year, further reaffirming the caring aspect of our unique environment.
As students, we want to thank the administration for their smooth and delicate handling of such a sensitive situation. Counseling was present when needed, professors were quick to accommodate and the administration was respectful in their extended assistance.
The student body has been embracing to members most affected by the losses. Their awareness and understanding has helped absorb the shock of these tragedies for the whole campus.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of these three fellow Lawrentians and our gratitude is extended to the greater Lawrence community for their response, which in a way, has brought us closer together.