What’s true in sports?

Matt Hoh

1. T or F: WTWO (world toe-wrestling organization) applied for Olympic status.
2. T or F: The world record for high jump is 2.61 m.
3. T or F: The record for most strikeouts in MLB is five in one inning by Nolan Ryan.
4. T or F: 2008 Division I HS hockey state (Michigan) championship ends in a tie.
5. T or F: Masazumi Soejima finished the Boston Marathon in 1 hr 29 min.Answers:
1. T – WTWO did apply. Paul Beech is the current three-time world champion.
2. F – The world record is 2.45 m held by Javier Sotomayor of Cuba.
3. F – The record is 4 by multiple pitchers. It happens when strike 3 is dropped by the catcher, the batter gets a chance to run to first before the catcher can throw him out.
4. T – The game finished 1-1 after Marquette and Orchard Lake St. Maries skated three 15 min regulation periods and eight 8 min overtime periods.
5. T – This would be a world record however he was in his wheel chair in 2007, the first person on foot finished over 45 minutes later.