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Anna Hainze

Wikipedia defines the French horn as “a brass instrument descended from the natural horn that consists of about 12 feet of tubing (for a single horn in the key of F and 24 ft. for a double horn), wrapped into a compact, coiled form with a flared bell.”
Not mentioned is the fact that this bizarre-looking instrument is one of the most difficult instruments to play. So why did senior Anna Suechting choose it?
“I don’t have one of those romantic stories about hearing the horn for the first time and deciding I was going to play it … I wanted to play the trumpet, but because I had a good ear, the band director suggested that I play the horn. I’m a pushover. The end,” she reminisced.
But her choice was probably for the best. Since that fateful day, Suechting has become a fine horn player; if you heard her perform the Gliere “Concerto” two weeks ago with the Lawrence Symphony Orchestra, you could not help but agree.
Suechting also has a recital coming up — May 2 at 8 p.m. — and I can guarantee that she will not disappoint.
Her playing does not begin and end with classical music, though she can boast an impressive horn career that includes a stint at the Aspen Music Festival. In fact, just last year she performed “Miles Ahead” with the Lawrence University Jazz Ensemble, quite a unique opportunity for such a pigeonholed instrument, and this summer she plans to play in the College Light Opera Company’s pit orchestra.
As Studio Mom in Lawrence’s one and only horn studio, Anna has plenty of advice to share with up-and-coming horn players. Said Suechting, “Calm the [expletive] down. Horn players freak out too much. When you’re performing, don’t give a damn and you’ll play better.”
Truer words have never been spoken.