Fashion Column: Spring and Skin – jbs -mts -cd

Lawrence’s Fashion Experts

EP: Some of our best columns have been inspired by what we see around us. Well, what I’ve seen lately, and what I know you have all seen lately as well — whether or not you asked to see it — is a lot of inappropriate skin. Here at Lawrence, we like to strip down as soon as the temperature reaches about 68 degrees. For the past few days the weather has been nice and the fashion has been somewhat like what I imagine you’d see at spring break in Cabo. Neither the weather nor any sense of the word “fashion” merits such treatment.
AA: I agree. While I understand the need or desire to soak up as much sun as possible after months of cloudy winter skies, we should not forget some of the best winter style points. Cardigans and layering are still great ways to stay cool and stylish in spring, especially when you’re working with clothes that you haven’t worn in awhile. The bottom line is, too much skin is too much information, and I have had the misfortune of learning more about certain students on campus than I ever wished to know.
KW: For me, this topic is less about looking fashionable and more about fashion as a way of representing yourself. I know there are a lot of girls who are proud of their bodies, and I am seriously jealous of their confidence. However, most people make certain assumptions when they see a girl wearing … well, nothing. Plus, it is really hard to take someone seriously when they have their chest, etc. fully on display.
My major problem this week has been with the overabundance of tiny skirts. I really, really love skirts when the weather is nice, but let’s not get crazy here. Let me suggest some solutions to this problem: Try a pencil skirt, or better yet, a pencil skirt with a little slit — mind you, I said little. A respectable skirt or pants with really hot shoes is another classy option.
EG: Yes, I agree! I am all for showing skin once the weather gets nice — and honestly, sometimes you really should not wear pants when it is lovely and warm out. However, there is a difference between everyday outfits and beachwear/lingerie. I agree with Anne — layering and even light scarves are always nice ways to class up a more revealing outfit. Since we are a smaller campus, I think many people feel like they can wear however little they want whenever they want to — but outside of the Lawrence Bubble, at least in professional settings, this doesn’t fly. You can keep your clothing fun and definitely show skin, just classily.
AA: Even if you have the most beautiful skin on campus, there are some areas that should remain under wraps, so to speak. A good way to remember what is classy and what is trashy is to think in terms of extremes: When any article of clothing is too short, too tight or too low, it is not acceptable for the public eye. If you need help defining what is too short/tight/low, here are some ideas to get you started: If you cannot bend over without exposing yourself to the world, it is too short. If you can’t breathe in it without feeling fat, it is too tight. And if you cannot lean forward during an interesting conversation without flashing the person you’re talking to, it is too low-cut.
Feeling confident enough to wear clothing that shows off some skin is fabulous, but we should all bear in mind that we are not alone on this earth. Having pride in your body means respecting it — not necessarily showing it off to everyone. The most stunning women wear what makes them both look and feel confident and sexy, instead of things that call attention to their insecurities. Blow people away with your classy air of mystery: That will really give them something to talk about.