An open letter to Sen. Hillary Clinton

Ryan Day

This week, you came out with a victory in the Indiana primary. You spoke to your supporters assuring that you wouldn’t give up the fight. Amidst the cheers of American voters, you laid out your plans that you hope will lead to the White House.
The problem is, you’re fighting against your own party. You’re laying flat the other Democrat. For years people have complained that the Democrats cannot win elections because they simply cannot unite voters in the way Republicans can.
Meanwhile, Senator John McCain is running his own campaign, trying to unite the Republican Party behind him. He’s even trying to get some votes that would otherwise be going to the Democrats; he’s going after typically Democratic blue-collar votes, and yet still you press forward, pledging at every opportunity to see this through until its end.
I’ll be honest with you. I’m getting pretty ticked off about the whole debacle. By the time it’s all over, the Democratic Party will not have a leg to stand on in the 2008 presidential election. John McCain will just poke his finger into all of the little holes that you punched in Senator Obama; he won’t even have to put forth any effort. You’re doing all of his work for him.
I understand that you’re a very strong-willed person, and you think that you would make the better president. I admire that in a person, but only if a person can let it go when it is appropriate. You, Senator Clinton, should be smart enough to realize what your little battle for nomination is doing to the Democratic Party. You should be able to see it, and you should know what to do about it.
But just in case you’ve been blinded by your strong desire to become the Democratic nominee for president, let me lay it down straight for you. Drop out. Step down. Let the reality that you are not going to win the nomination set in. Gracefully admit your loss instead of making the party pay for your stubbornness.
I, and I know many other Democratic voters agree with me, am sick of this war that you are waging against Senator Obama. Please bring a stop to this hell. It’s over. It will do no good to drag this out until the very last minute.
It’s only going to hurt the party in the long run, and if you really did stand for all of the mildly liberal values that you claim to, you would understand the necessity to stop all of this. Look at the bigger picture: This could be a major win for the Democrats.
If you don’t, you’re just shooting your own party in the foot, and I’m not a nice enough guy to not say, “I told you so.