Lawrentians Looking at Local Businesses: a review of SAP

Tucked away behind the Fox River Mall and away from the bustling College Avenue hides one of the up and coming restaurants of Appleton. SAP Brunch, Brown Bag & Bakery serves all-day brunch in addition to their equally large dinner menu. SAP strives to support local business and food suppliers as much as possible, providing their customers with Wisconsin-grown products.

The all-day brunch includes plates ranging from a variety of eggs benedict to brioche french toast, and lemon ricotta pancakes to unforgettable huevos rancheros. Not to mention the complementary SAP potatoes covered in Romano cheese and fresh herbs, which accompany a self-built omelet.

Those who prefer a lighter brunch option will enjoy a bruléed grapefruit or fried green tomatoes. SAP is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., providing its faithful customers with a diverse and unique all-day experience. Frankly put by junior and SAP lover Taylor Gardner, “I could eat their cheese curds forever.”

The lengthy wait to eat proves a problem for Appleton residents and Lawrence students alike. Junior and breakfast enthusiast Andy Geleske stated, “I’ve tried to go twice on different weekends and it’s always an hour to two hour wait, I’ve never waited that long.” Many others have suffered as Andy has, preparing for an unbelievable brunch but met by a line stretching out the door. A trip to SAP must be well timed in order to avoid the weekend morning rush.

This past week, I successfully avoided this timing issue. I have spent many a meal at SAP, each time further proving my love and devotion to the institution.

This past Thursday, I ordered my favorite combination: classic French toast topped with fresh fruit and house-made maple syrup, SAP potatoes, and an Americano coffee. This is a meal I could eat everyday until my untimely, syrup-related death.

One of the especially unique characteristics of SAP is that every menu item is increasingly as delicious as the last. Whether you are craving sweet or savory, SAP is sure to satisfy.

SAP started as a young boy’s dream. The owner’s five-year-old son Owen thought of the memorable name after drawing his ideal restaurant, complete with never-ending brunch. This idea sparked the existence of what Appleton knows as a bustling weekend morning or weekday night filled with endless delicious possibilities. This familial origin provides a comforting and enriching atmosphere to every SAP-goer. Constantly greeting patrons with a smile and fresh bakery smells, SAP is a diamond in the rough winter of Appleton.