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Sofar Sounds shakes up Appleton

Sofar Sounds is a music experience that started in London in 2010. Departing from a traditional concert setting, where concert venues are large, loud, and chaotic, Sofar Sounds offers a more intimate experience than a typical concert. It’s a musical opportunity that fosters greater respect for musicians. This is facilitated through upholding a standard of

Meditations on Music: Sofar Sounds Appleton Concert

Sofar Sounds is a worldwide organization that builds concerts upon community, mystery and the idea that music is of upmost importance. The concerts are hosted in intimate settings that the attendees do not know until the night before, and the artists performing are not revealed until the event. On January 27, I, along with a

Sofar Sounds to begin in Appleton

Appleton has recently been added to the 300-plus cities that host Sofar Sounds and is set to have its first concert later this month. The unique concert series is built around encompassing many types of performance—musical and not—and emphasizing the importance of live shows. Junior Arielle Kaye, an integral part in organizing Appleton’s Sofar, started

Staff Editorial: Don’t forget about Appleton

The results of Tuesday’s election are a disaster for our nation, for our communities and for our friends. Gay marriage, abortion, immigration reform, healthcare, Syrian refugees, guns—we took our three steps forward and now, thanks to The Donald, we have been shoved thirty back. Community gatherings this week have been a beacon of hope. Student

Appleton offers Olympic winter sports and activites

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are about to begin! Imbued with the Olympic Spirit, many readers may find themselves eager to attempt the many thrilling events found within this international competition. Luckily, the cold, wintry weather of northeast Wisconsin provides ample opportunities for you to try many of these sports out for yourself.

Dalton presents research on Appleton transportation system

  Polly Dalton’s Senior Project literally hit close to home. Her presentation last Thursday, Jan. 9, titled “Connecting the Blocks—Transportation Policy and Planning in the City of Appleton,” revealed Dalton’s true infatuation with the Little Apple. “I really like Appleton as a city and I think it is interesting because it has a small town