Athlete of the Week -lew -cd

Ashlee Thatcher

Tommy Schmidt ’08 Baseball, Basketball
1. What is your role this season and how has that changed?
This year, I have more of a leadership role that in the past. As a senior, I think that’s an inevitable role. Coming in late to baseball after the basketball season was hard, but I wanted to lead by example and that’s how we as a team are successful.2. What are you personal and team goals this season?
Team goal is to make it to the conference tournament and win conference. An individual goal would be to hit a higher average than in previous years and drive in more runs.

3. What is your favorite baseball memory?
Meeting Mouse. Seriously though, freshman year, Mouse and Fitz doused me with cold water when I was sleeping. It was mean, but we all laughed really hard about it.

4. What will you miss most about playing sports for Lawrence?
The camaraderie between teammates. I’ll miss seeing Doug, Tim and my other baseball friends because we have gotten so close over four years. Same goes for the basketball team. We all just are one close-knit unit.

5. What is your favorite Mrs. Toph cheer?
When she wears the “Shout” box and gets everyone to sing “Shout.” Oh, and the seventh inning stretch.

6. What is one piece of advice that you would like to give your younger teammates?
Enjoy every moment in college because it goes too fast. Now that I’m in the final stretch, it’s not the grades and classes that I’ll remember, it’s the guys.