In other news…

Google has developed a new
social networking service
called “Buzz” that will compete
with others like Facebook,
Twitter and Myspace. The Web
site is linked with the Gmail
e-mail service, and users can
post updates and “follow”
people in the way they can on
other social networking sites.
NASHVILLE – Sarah Palin, the
former Alaskan governor and
John McCain’s running mate,
announced that she would run
for president in 2012 “if [she]
believed that that is the right
thing to do for our country
and for the Palin family.” Palin
also said that President Obama
wouldn’t win a re-election bid
if he continued with his current
VANCOUVER – The Olympics
will begin Friday, Feb. 12 as
the opening ceremony commences
the 2010 winter
games. America’s hopefuls
include snowboarder Shaun
White, a five-time gold medalist
and skier Lindsey Vonn, a
two-time gold medalist who is
expected to be the most decorated
American alpine skier in
Olympic history.