World News

Compiled by Eleanor Jersild



Bjoern Hoecke, a prominent member of the nationalist Alternative for Germany right-wing political party, wants to put an end to the country’s tradition of acknowledging its Nazi past. Hoecke claims that the memorial in Berlin in remembrance of the millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust is a “monument of shame,” calling on Germany to adopt a more positive attitude toward its past.


A Nigerian Air Force fighter jet mistakenly bombed a refugee camp on Tuesday. The pilot had been on a mission against Boko Haram extremists. Major General Lucky Irabor confirmed the accidental attack, saying that “some” civilians were killed. There were over 100 refugee and aid worker fatalities, and over 200 people were wounded.


The partial collapse of a Beijing coal mine left nine people dead on Tuesday morning. They were doing maintenance work at the time. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. In 2014, 931 accidental coal mine deaths were reported in China. The country may rely heavily on its coal production, but its mining industry has long been one of the deadliest in the world.

Saudi Arabia

The highest-ranking cleric in Saudi Arabia, Grand Mufti Abdulaziz al-Sheikh, has called for a ban on movies and music. He claims that cinemas and concerts encourage a “mixing of the sexes” and that films and music contain atheist and immoral values that pose a threat to the country’s culture. Saudi Arabia also does not allow alcohol, women to drive without a permit from their male guardian or the mixing of different sexes in public.