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Winter Carnival a success despite lack of chocolate fountain

Freshmen River James and Emmy Brady enjoy a dance with other Lawrentians at the President’s Ball. Photo courtesy of the Campus Life Office   The Winter Carnival, a campus tradition, arrived at Lawrence once again last week. This year the Event Planning and Organization Committee (EPOC), a student-run organization supervised by the Campus Life Office,

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Compiled by Eleanor Jersild   Germany Bjoern Hoecke, a prominent member of the nationalist Alternative for Germany right-wing political party, wants to put an end to the country’s tradition of acknowledging its Nazi past. Hoecke claims that the memorial in Berlin in remembrance of the millions of Jews killed in the Holocaust is a “monument

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Compiled by Eleanor Jersild Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro fights the steadily rising levels of inflation by raising the minimum wage for the fifth time in the past year. However, for many Venezuelans, necessities remain too expensive. Though the country’s banknotes are virtually worthless, Maduro made a decision to begin printing new bills of a much

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Compiled by Eleanor Jersild ITALY Florence, Italy, is being sued by McDonald’s for €18 million after their request to open a restaurant on a historic plaza was denied. McDonald’s argued that they were perfectly willing to comply with the city’s desire to protect Florence’s artistic and cultural heritage, and claimed discrimination against their business’ freedom