In other news…

Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton met with Chilean
president Michelle Bachelet
Tuesday March 2 to discuss
the United States’ role
in providing aid to Chile
after the 8.8-magnitude
earthquake that occurred in
the country last Saturday
morning, Feb. 27. Clinton’s
trip comes after Bachelet
appealed to the international
community for assistance
with Chile’s earthquake
recovery efforts.
The office of Chilean president
Michelle Bachelet said
Tuesday March 2 that the
death toll from Saturday’s
earthquake had reached
795 people. The president
also pledged to “apply the
full force of the law” to
looters and other lawbreakers
throughout the country.
Thousands of Chileans in
southern and central parts
of the country are still without
basic supplies.
GREECE – Greek Prime
Minister George Papandreou
announced this week that if
Greece cannot cut some of
its debts the country could
go bankrupt. In the midst of
growing pressure from the
EU to solve his country’s fiscal
crisis, Papandreou compared
Greece’s dire financial
state to a “wartime situation.”