Viking of the week: Brandon Klar (Baseball)


This week I was able to talk with senior baseball player Brandon Klar. Klar is coming off of an impressive spring break performance where he batted .625 over seven games. He was 15-for-24 with a .875 slugging percentage and 3-for-3 on stolen bases which led him to win the Midwest Conference Athlete of the Week. Currently the baseball team is 4-15 and 1-6 against conference.



Shane Farrell: How do you feel about being awarded Midwest Conference Athlete of the Week during your Florida trip?

Brandon Klar: It was definitely a nice honor to receive, but not one I am trying to put too much stock in. I think I speak for the entire baseball team when I say that we have our sights set on the conference tournament and in order to get there we need to keep our foot on the gas through all of conference.


SF: Statistically you have a phenomenal time. How do you feel you played?


BK: I was seeing the ball really well in Florida so that contributed to some of the statistics. I feel as though, as a team, we played phenomenal baseball down in Florida and it is important for us to continue to do as such.


SF: You are almost halfway through your season. How has the team played so far?


BK: The team has played really well. With the exception of a couple of games, the team has been very competitive in every game and against some very talented teams.


SF: As a senior, what’s on your mind knowing this is your last season with the team?


BK: I’m honestly just trying to have as much fun as possible. I really could not ask for a better group of guys to play my last season of baseball with, and that has definitely made it easy for me to enjoy every minute of it.


SF: What are your personal goals and team’s goals this season?


BK: As a team, our goal is to make and win the conference tournament. We have a young group but it is definitely something we can achieve. As far as personal goals are concerned, I am going to do everything I can to help ensure the team can accomplish our goals together.


SF: Why should people come out to support you guys?


BK: Lawrentians should come support us for a variety of reasons. Obviously to support classmates and friends, but also because the team should be a fun group of guys to watch. Whether you enjoy watching some great baseball or listening to some funny guys crack jokes each inning, the team is definitely worth a view on the weekends.